General notes on Bubble setup

  1. The Auth element has to be visible to work. This is the only element which require to be not hidden at any point. As all the other elements rely on Authentication in one way or another.

  2. For the Data element, when you specify the Table name in the element or in workflows, you only need to say "user" not "public.user" otherwise it'll throw an error.

  3. Not necessary to save the Access Token/Refresh Token, the plugin will keep track of that and refresh it when necessary, basically all of that is automatically done for us by the Supabase SDK. Also the Access Token is only there for you if you need to use the API Connector for any call.

  4. Filters for the Data element do not need to include dots, only the name of the column, and the value you're searching for. This only true for the table's columns, for foreign tables you need to use dots to target the columns

  5. Table names and Column names are case-sensitive.

  6. For the Realtime functionality you might need to enable some things in your Supabase Project. Please check their documentation and limitations.

  7. If you'd like to do multiple steps in one Workflow during Loggin in or Signing up, please use the Events for that, as actions work asynchronously. So if you want to create a new enry in your "users" table use the event "User Signed Up", so that the Data action waits for any Auth action to run.

  8. If you want to Insert into a table with the API connector use the Header: "Prefer - return=representation" to return the newly created entry with the response.

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