How to: Sign Up

Signup with Email

Let's say you'd like to allow user to signup via email. Fill out the Email and Password section, and add the Captcha Token if you're using the Cloudflare Plugin.

Once the action successfully run the user have been authenticated and you should have access to all the Data. Since there are events for almost everything, you should always wait for these events to fire to make sure that the action you're trying to run has actually ran successfully.

If there's any error also at any point Supabase Auth let you know as soon as possible so always setup an error handling action within the page.

Signup with Social

Now let's login with Social Login. In this example we use Google as it's the most used. First make sure you set everything up within Supabase

Once you've done that, you can use the action shown above.

Scopes needs to match with the Social Login provider, and if you have any sensitive scope, you need to have your project approved, before making the request.

Once redirected and the authentication was successful the plugin will notify you via the related event.

The Element returns the provider at all times, like the name of the Social provider, Email or Phone.

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